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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any problems, suggestions or ideas on new topics, please let us know by support at We will always give you an answer. You can always become a fan of Heppi on Facebook and there ask you any questions.

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We have already some answers for you on a number of questions.


Why are the Bo the Giraffe Apps in the education category and not in the book or game category?


To be honest, we find our Apps also a game and a book and also a way to bring something to your child, but above all, we find ourselves a fun, educational and challenging app for kids. Ultimately, you decide yourself which category it falls App and it seems the best.


Why there are no e-books of the Bo the Giraffe books available?


At this moment we choose to develop apps that combine the interactivity of Tablets and Smartphines with simple, recognizable and colorful personalities of Bo the Giraffe and his friends. It is possible that as many people request this option, we will do so.


Why doesn’t the sound of my Bo the Giraffe App work?


The problem is propably the setting of the button on the right side of your iPad. This button can be used as a mute button as well as a rotary botton. Probably, this button set your iPad as a mute button when using the settings button on your iPad under the General setting of the button will change to rotation, this problem will be resolved. Unfortunately, this is something which is standard built into the iPad software.


All Bo the Giraffe Apps:

– Collecting or share any personal information.

– Contain no advertising

– Do not contain In App Purchases

– Do not contain Social Network Integration

– Include links to our website, Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel (only accessible via the i button on the home screen)

– Contain behind the pop-up that says “More Apps Jop hold 3 seconds?” In the start screen a link to iTunes (iOS) or our website (Android)